Mohawk No Till Drill

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MNT-84-LB MNT-120-LB MNT-180-LB
Opener Spacing 7-1/2” 7-1/2” 7-1/2”
Number of Openers 11 17 25
Transport Width 7’ 8” 11’ 3” 15’ 11-1/2”
Operating (Sowing) Width 6’ 4” 10’ 15’
Overall Length 14’ 7” 16’ 7” 16’ 7”
Weight (empty) 4,500 lbs 6,775 lbs 8,600 lbs
Estimated Minimum HP Required 50HP 70HP 90HP
Seed Box Capacity 21 Bushels 29 Bushels 42.5 Bushels
Legume Box Capacity 3.1 Bushels 4.8 Bushels 7 Bushels
Native Grass Box 6.5 Bushels 10 Bushels 14.8 Bushels
Light Kit Standard Standard Standard
18” Coulter Standard Standard Standard
Digital Acre Meter Standard Standard Standard
Legume Box Standard Standard Standard
Tire Size 11L X 15 12.5L X15 12.5L X15
Granin Box Agitator Native GB Native GB Native GB

Mohawk No Till Drill Owner’s Manual

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