Flex Hawk 15 Rotary Cutter

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Cutting Height 2″-14″
Transport Width 106″
Cutting Width 180″
Overall Width 187″
Overall Length 202″
Approx. Weight 4,000 lbs.
Blades 1/2″ x 3-1/2″
Blade Carrier Dish
Blade Tip Speed (fpm) 540 RPM 12,405
Blade Overlap 8″
Max. Brush Size 2″
Gearbox HP 200(Splitter)/80(Center &Wing)
Gearbox Protection 2 Disc Slip Clutch
No. of Gearboxes 4
Deck Thickness (Ga) 10-Gauge Steel
Side Skirt Depth 8-1/2″
Side Skirt Thickness 3/16″
Axle Type Rigid
Wheels Laminated Tires / Aircraft Tires Optional
Number of Wheels 4 Standard 6 Optional
Hitch Type Pull
Tractor P.T.O. RPM 540
Minimum HP Required 50
Taper Splined Otput Shaft Dia. 2″
Main Drive Line Series 7
Wing Drive Line Series 6

Flex Hawk 15 Owner’s Manual

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